Return policy

The Internet flower shop understands that you, as our client, can find yourself in different situations. That is why we guarantee a refund when ordering a bouquet from you.

Refunds are made in the following situations:

  • When cancelling the order before the delivery date. Cancellation must be officially confirmed. You need to make sure that we received the cancellation note. We would like to remind you that the delivery date is indicated in the order form.
  • If the order was paid twice by mistake.
  • If, for some reason, the amount paid turns out to be insufficient to cover all expenses and an additional surcharge is required. 
  • Payment is not refundable if the bouquet has already been delivered. 

If there is a quality claim connected with a delivered bouquet, is ready to deliver a gift from our online shop or an apology bouquet as compensation.

Claims against a completed order can be accepted not later than 7 days from the bouquet delivery date. The claim review time is minimal.

Please note that flowers, sweets and fruits are perishable goods. We reserve the right to make changes to the order if necessary. It is guaranteed that they will be no more than 20-25% and will not affect the overall appearance and price of the arrangement.