Privacy Policy

Keeping confidentiality

This notice appears to inform you of what information we need to provide efficient services and to meet your interests. The policy includes a detailed explanation of a purpose of obtaining data and provides the necessary confidentiality guarantee. ensures confidentiality of the personal data of all the online store users. Our company does not distribute the received information among third parties, unless it is required by the specifics of our work. We guarantee collection of only those data that will enable you to use our website and services efficiently. 

The required information

We use the information received from you just to implement our business purposes successfully, to inform you about our products and to fulfill your orders. Thus, you confirm that you agree that Flowers 24h has the right to process following personal data:

  • Your name;
  • Contact email;
  • Phone number.

The specifics of our services require you to indicate other people’s personal data. This is necessary to arrange a flower and bouquet delivery to the receivers specified in the order form. This information includes:

  • Receiver name;
  • Delivery address (home, office, address of the current location of the receiver);
  • Contact phone number. 

The data specified here is considered to be personal. The company considers it to be confidential.

Clicking the “Pay” button means your automatic agreement with how we provide our services. Thereby you confirm that the can use your phone number and an email for sending you information about the order, delivery and ongoing promotions. Depending on the system settings, notifications can be sent to an email, viber or via a SMS.

Some of the data can be transferred to our partners who provide delivery and other services required for your order fulfillment.

Notifications about marketing campaigns, discounts, promotions are sent to you from the moment of the first order. If you do not want to get this information, just unsubscribe from the mailings. As soon as our system receives a notification that you are unwilling to receive advertising information, we will remove your personal data from the mailing list. 

Personal information use

All the data that you enter ordering a bouquet on our website is used only to fulfill the order in full and on time. We guarantee its confidentiality and exclude the dissemination of information among unauthorized people who are not involved in the order fulfillment. Information about the delivery address is provided only to the couriers and people who prepare bouquets or gifts.

Your email and phone number are used to inform you about the status order, as well as to send a photo from the moment the flowers were delivered. Unauthorized persons do not receive this information.

When the bouquet is delivered, a card may be included to inform the receiver who prepared this surprise. It can include the information that you wish to communicate. No extra information about you is provided.

The successful fulfillment of your orders depends on the additional information our site collects. This includes your location, age, gender and allows arranging a bouquet in a better way, calculating the delivery time and a time when it is convenient to communicate with you. does not collect information about your ethnicity, political position, beliefs, membership in any associations or parties.

Our commitment

The company uses modern means of protecting your personal information to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data.

All information you provide is used only within the framework of this Privacy Policy and meets the requirements for your safety.